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Stargate Worlds Reference Guide

This guide is here as a quick reference to aid you in playing Stargate Worlds.
As you probably know, Stargate Worlds is an online MMORPG which ceased development in 2009 and was never officially released.  The game was largely unfinished, but it did go through some alpha and beta testing before being abandoned.

Recently, a team of volunteer developers released a server emulator, allowing anyone to host their own Stargate Worlds server.  You can set it up on your own computer and use it to play privately, or set it up for remote access and play with others.  You can also connect to servers that others have made publically available.

While exploring the maps, you'll  find that they are truely amazing in size and detail, but unfortunately, the game was far from finished, and lots of things are missing or not working properly.  Aside from actually walking around the maps and interacting with a few things, most everything else is currently done via console commands.

Below is a guide to using console commands to do things like enabling stargate travel, equipping weapons and other items, and more.  The list will grow over time as i discover more and as my free time allows.

Please visit Project Giza for more information about the Stargate Worlds server emulator, and for detailed instructions on installing and configuring the SGW client and server software.

When you first create a character and start to play, you'll find that there are a few storyline objectives that you can complete.  But you'll quickly run out of things to do.  At this point, you're stuck in one map with nothing to do and no way out.  Now you'll need to use console commands to unlock the rest of what SGW has to offer.

In SGW, there is no hidden command console like you find in many games.  Instead, you enter the commands right into the chat window.  All commands must be preceeded by a period(.) or a forward slash(/), depending on the command.  The syntax must be exactly correct for the commands to work.

Some commands require that your character is selected.  Click on your character to select it.  Yellow lines will appear around your character, and a second character status icon will appear at the top of the screen.  Sometimes the icon will still be there even though your character is not selected anymore, so just click somewhere else then on your character again.

Console commamds are in white text


Ghosting allows you to move in any direction and pass through solid objects.  Want to see what's behind that door that won't open?  Just activate ghost mode and fly right through it.  Use the following commands to turn ghost mode on and off.

/gmsetghost on
/gmsetghost off


Flying is similar to ghosting, except that you can't pass through solid objects.

/gmsetfly on
/gmsetfly off


You can change how fast your character moves around the map.  This is very useful when using ghost or fly mode, but you may also want to move a bit faster on the ground since there is no way to sprint.  Normal speed is 100, and i find that 150 is a good ground speed, and 200-300 is good for flying/ghosting.

.speed 200

Changing maps

Traveling to other worlds can of course be done by walking through the stargate, but i'll cover that later.  You can also change maps with a console
command by entering the command followed by the map name, and then the coordinates of the exact location you want to transport to.
Below are a few examples, but the full list of available planets and coordinates can be found HERE.
Note that only the aquired maps (indicated in the left column) are available.  Trying to transport to a map that doesn't exist will disconnect you from the server.

.gotolocation SGC 174 -6 8
.gotolocation Dakara_E1 98 -13 255
.gotolocation Harset 2 -65 40

Note:  When you arrive in a new map, you may sometimes find yourself stuck and unable to move.  When that happens, just activate ghost mode and move to a safe location, free of obstructions, then turn off ghost mode.

Teleporting within the same map

Similar to the gotolocation command, the gotoxyz command will allow you to instantly teleport to a different location within the same map.
For example, if you are in the city on Agnos, and you want to teleport to the Plasma Pumping Station, you would enter the following command.

.gotoxyz -480 4 -730

Using the Stargates

To use the stargates, you must first aquire stargate addresses.  Each stargate has a unique ID number, and you can give yourself stargate addresses by entering the proper command while your character is selected.  You can also give addresses to other players by selecting them and then entering the command.

Here is a list of all the available stargate ID numbers:

There are two agruements required for this command.  First is the ID, and then you need to specify if it is hidden or not.  Of course you don't want it hidden, so the arguement would be 0 (no), as opposed to 1 (yes).
So to give yourself the address to Dakara, select your character, then enter the following command:

.giveaddress 25 0

You can only enter one address per command, so you will have to enter the command a number of times to aquire all the addresses.
To make this a little less tedious, you can recall previous commands by selecting the chat field and pressing the up arrow key.  The last command you typed will appear.  Then you just need to change the ID number and hit enter.

After you have some stargate addresses, you will now be able to use the stargates.  To bring up the DHD control, select your character and use the following command:


If you click on the name of the planet, the gate will auto-dial and activate.  If you prefer to dial the gate manually, click the box to the left of the planet name.

Note: There is a fix that will allow you to simply interact with the DHD to activate it, without needing to use a console command, and it will be implemented soon.

Goto / Summon

You can teleport directly
to another players posittion, or teleport another player to your position with the goto / summon commands.

.goto playername
.summon playername

Aquiring weapons and other items

Items like weapons can be obtained with the giveitem command, followed by a quantity.  Below are a few weapons you can use, but there are many more items available, and i'll update this list when i get that info organized.

4793 high caliper assault rifle
4719 standard SMG
4745 rapid fire SMG
3326 combat knife

The items will go into your inventory, and from there you simply drag them into a weapon slot.

.giveitem 4793 1


Keybindings can be customized by pressing the 'End' key, but here are some default bindings that you'll find helpful.

Toggle UI - Ctrl-Z
Performance window - Shift-F
System Options - Home
Open menu - Escape
Target self - Ctrl-F1
Auto run - N
Reload weapon - R
Character window - C
Inventory - B
Show map - M

Here's the minigames from Stargate Worlds
They're flash files so they can be played in a web browser