Chat channels in Star Trek Online allow you to communicate with certain groups of players regardless of your specific character, location, fleet or faction.  When you join a chat channel, it is automatically added to all characters on your account.

By joining the Stargate Union channel, you will be able to communicate with the leaders and many of the active fleet members at any time.  Just follow these simple instructions to join the channel.

Open the chat configuration window by right-clicking on any chat tab.
Alternatively, you can click the icon to the right of the chat text box and click "chat options"

In the channels tab of the chat configuration window, type Stargate Union and click the Join button. You are now a member of the Stargate Union channel.

Next, select the chat tab that you want to use, and check the appropriate box in the Custom Channels area.  You can also select a custom color in this area, so the channel is easily recognizable in your chat window.

And finally, when you want to talk on the channel, simply select it in the menu to the left of the chat text input area.

Note:  If you have problems joining or using the chat channel, please let us know by sending an in-game mail to @blevok