Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stargate-Union?

Stargate-Union (SGU) is the original Stargate themed fleet in Star Trek Online.

What is a fleet?

A fleet in STO is the same thing as a clan or guild in other games.

What is Star Trek Online?

Star Trek Online (STO) is a Free-2-Play massively mulitplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in the vast universe of Star Trek.

What are the benefits of joining a fleet?

When you join a fleet, you are joining a group of like-minded players.  You can cooperate with the players in your fleet to complete team play missions.  Through the fleet system, you will also have access to the fleet stores, where you can purchase items that cannot be found elsewhere in game.

Note:  The selection of items available in the fleet stores, and your ability to purchase items depends on the current fleet level and available provisions.

How do i join Stargate-Union?

For information on joining Stargate-Union, please click here

Is it possible for a new member to gain a leadership position in Stargate-Union?

Yes!  There are many duties involved in the efficient operation of a fleet.  We have divided these duties up into role specific titles.  For more information and to fill out an application for a leadership role, please click here

Do I have to be a Stargate fan to join Stargate-Union?  Why Stargate anyway? This is Star Trek...

You do not have to be a Stargate fan to join.  Stargate-Union was originally founded by blevok in 2009 as a place to gather players who were also Stargate fans. In 2010 it became a refuge for members of several different clans in another game, Stargate Resistance, which had recently gone offline.  Since then, SGU has grown into a home for any and all fans of sci-fi.  We believe in peaceful coexistence with other TV shows, and we strive to maintain a drama free environment to play in.  If you're here to have a good time, you are welcome to join.

I saw another fleet with a similar name... Stargate Union, same thing but without the hyphen... whats up with that?

Stargate Union was our original fleet.  Around the start of 2013, there was a mutiny in the fleet.  Several of the people that we trusted to help us lead the fleet rose up against us, and kicked us from the fleet.  With the way the fleet system operated at the time, anyone that held the highest rank had the power to do anything to anyone in the fleet, including fellow leaders.  Due to our trusting nature and our spirit of cooperation, we gladly shared this power with those that were trusted to help lead.  We assumed they had the respect to not do anything to harm the fleet, but in the end, they were just power hunrgy, and they stole the fleet from us.  We reformed the fleet here, at Stargate-Union.  We deeply regret this turn of events, and we are grateful to all those that left the old fleet to rejoin the real Stargate-Union, and also to those that continue to join.

Do you have a question?  You can ask the fleet anything on the Stargate-Union forum.  All fleet members and allies are encouraged to join.