Upon joining Stargate-Union, you will hold the rank of Enlisted.
All members have the ability to use fleet chat and to contribute resources to fleet projects.
As you work your way up through the ranks, you will be granted additional permissions.
Below is a basic outline of the SGU rank structure and rank specific information.

We check the fleet roster several times each week to promote those who qualify.  You can also send a PM to any officer that is online and ranked Colonel or above when you're eligible for promotion and we'll be happy to promote you right away.

We offer a discount to fleet members who have more than one character in the fleet.  Your other characters will be granted a 50% discount off the requirements for promotion, up to the rank of your main character.
You must message an officer to receive this discount.  We do not routinely check for this eligibility.

Discounts are also granted in return for your social participation with the fleet.  These discounts apply to the promotion to Captain and Major.

There are 5 social options available, and each one will grant you a 10,000 credit discount off the requirements for your next promotion.  Qualifying for all 5 discounts will earn you 50,000 credits off your next promotion.

1.  Use in-game fleet chat and channel chat regularly

2.  Participate in team play
ie. STF's, PVP, fleet events, etc...

3.  Like us on Facebook

4.  Join the SGU forum

5.  Use Teamspeak regularly

You must inform an officer when you believe you qualify for these discounts, and allow us a day or two to confirm your eligibility.

We believe these requirements represent a fair balance between adequate contribution, and the time and effort involved in earning credits, and they apply to both Stargate-Union, and System Lords, our KDF fleet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in-game, or on the
SGU forum