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Here's a collection of pages that I saved from the almighty Stargate Resistance site.
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#SGR IRC QA Chat Log!

[Community] - Player rankings, achievements and more!
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[Solved] could not connect

[Solved] slow low-pitched sound

[Solved] Why hasn't this been fixed

a game for just

Page 2


Aim Bots
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

Arena Plot thickens
Page 2

Armarna Temple Stargate

Ashrak Scientist Combat Pack now available at FireSky
Page 2

atlantis a question for the devs, and a poll for the players

Best System Lord
Page 2, Page 3

BIG thank you to Goa'uld
Page 2, Page 3


blast damage on turret after death

Can I reinstall SGR

Character modelling, needs a black guy!

Command Negotiations


did you guys buy the skins
Page 2

didn't register kills

Discussion SGR Fair Play Rules

Do you use custom skins
Page 2

EU servers
Page 2, Page 3

Evolved Rankings

Expanded Outfit Idea
Page 2

Fight to save SGR!!


FireSky Clan Reservations
Page 2

Firesky now Selling SR
Page 2

For those who DON'T know


Gamepad Support Request
Page 2, Page 3

Gatecon 2010

go through the stargate to go into servers!!!

Grow up
Page 2

Help Promote SGR!
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here's what i want to see
Page 2

Hi, again

how do you say your name
Page 2

How many players over the weekend

How Many...

i like it! here's my thoughts...

Ideas for SGR T-shirts

If FireskyDCG sold SGR or class t-shirts would you buy one
Page 2, Page 3

I'm on my way 1K... again

In game names
Page 2


Page 2

Jaffa with invisibility

Kill Steal
Page 2

knee deep in tar skulls

leveling up form of cheating
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

life after SGR

Lower Resolutions

macro error getting relly annoying now

more players at once!

Most kills are still not counting...

My little bro is coming to the light.......... D
Page 2

Need More Maps!
Page 2, Page 3

need more players to leave spawn


New advertising

New Patch
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

new patch2
Page 2, Page 3

New Server location - How is your ping
Page 2

New update.
Page 2

No sci and no ahrak game was super fun

No sound and cant use my USB Controller

NOT a kino

not sure what to call this

Off topic but SG related

Petition to Change spectating mode to Ascension mode

Petition to repaint the gateroom as noturret
Page 2, Page 3

Private Server Plea Again
Page 2

question about 8k i have arrived

Railings and Catwalks

Rank XP
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

Remember when
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Sales numbers

Say Hello

Sci Poison - OP or Not
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Server just exploded
Page 2

servers arent down

SG-1 props Propworx - anyone buying

SGGamingInfo survey
Page 2

SGR merchandise
Page 2

SGR Suggestion Box

SGR- The Future Of.........
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SGR update calendar

SGRstats evolved

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Ship battles!
Page 2

Single Player Campaign
Page 2

Page 2

So the new map will be ship based
Page 2

Some things about the rules and other things
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Spawn Campers Beware
Page 2

Special Suggestion - Don S. Davis
Page 2

Page 2

Stargate Transport Nearly Complete

Stat Post - How About Posting Your Stats
Page 2, Page 3

State of SGR
Page 2

Steam Usernames
Page 2, Page 3

Page 2

Team Super Deathmatch

TeamSpeak3 Server

Teamspeak problem

Thank You

The face of the enemy

The Infamous Red X

The login screen is an actual map!
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

The old Jaffa armour, it's gone!

the P90

The System Lords - Stargate Resistance Guild
Page 2

theres not many people playing
Page 2

These are a few of my favorite (and least favorite) things!
Page 2

Third Faction Discussion
Page 2

To Define the Abstract
Page 2

Page 2

Turrets A poll.
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7

Ummm... How old are you
Page 2, Page 3

wait one minute

What are you playing while you wait for new content
Page 2

what can i play while i'm waiting

what do you think

what maps would you like to see
Page 2

what size monitor do you play with
Page 2

What time is the server shutting down

what you want in a patch 2
Page 2

Who Are You
Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

why cant people even teams out

Worst game EVER
Page 2

Worth the wait!
Page 2

You're Not In My Field Of View

SGR Stats Evolved Pages

These pages are from Jan 17 2011, after SGR went offline

My Personal Stats (blevok)

Rankings - Overall

Rankings - Jaffa

These pages are from Dec 18 2010, a few weeks before SGR shut down.  These pages didn't get saved properly, but the info is all there.

Rankings - SGC Overall

Rankings - System Lords Overall

Rankings - Asrak

Rankings - Goa'uld

Rankings - Commando

Rankings - Scientist

Rankings - Soldier Pages

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